Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thrashers Blogger Day.

Ha ha freaking ha. Point taken.

Here at Philips, catching up on some stuff. Awesome Q&A session with Darren Eliot, in which the now lower half of the league ranked power play was discussed. Guess what - everyone's figured it out. Slava to Toby, who holds, to Kovy, who either shoots or passes, and lather rinse repeat. No movement of the players. Eliot spoke with Bylsma yesterday after the Pens/Rangers game, and talked about their powerplay and how they've adjusted. One word: movement. Pens, Caps - the teams with successful PPs or PPs that are improving aren't stagnant. Ours, well, you can just stick a stick out and whoopsie. PP ruined.

Not to mention they're s-l-o-o-w. I have seen mobsters in cement shoes move quicker. Part of that issue is the misplacement of The Todd and Armstrong (who Eliot basically believes is as good as gone at the deadline). Army, frankly, will probably wind up out West, where he'll probably get creamed by Phaneuf or someone of that ilk after a borderline funky hit. Have fun with that.

Kozzy's out for the second straight game, which I don't really agree with. Yes, he hasn't been playing well recently, but to send a message you sit one game. White has a worse +/- than Kozlov and serves little to no purpose, and Army could be sat to light a fire under his ass. Siting the assistant captain 2 games in a row sends, to me, a negative message. Sitting him in the first place, though, shows that at least Anderson has the guts to do it. Kovy's floating could be remedied by a Hartley-esque "You play both ends or you play one end of the bench" threat. Who knows. He's regressing. That needs to stop.

Warm-ups are almost over. Attendance is sparse, which is sad since this is against an opponent that we never see - it's been quite a while since the Ducks've been at Philips. We really would benefit from a game being scheduled on a night other than Tuesday or Thursday. Just sayin.

EDIT: I bitch about Army - we all do - and he scores the first goal. Hm.


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