Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who do you love?

Frozen Notes took a poll of Blues fans to see who their favorite was, and the numero uno was Mr. Dark Visor himself, David Perron. It's nice to see that either public sympathy's in his favor, or maybe people are realizing that he's just really, really good. Out of the young kids, he's made it higher up the oomph chart than possibly anyone else in terms of ability.

Wysh over at Puck Daddy seemed surprised that Brad Boyes wasn't on the list. Maybe if Jon Hamm wouldn't unrealistically boost everyone's expectations by saying that Boyes always "finds the back of the net," more people'd like the guy. "Boyes shoots... AND GOES WIDE!" is not a call that we want to hear on the radio 20 times a broadcast.

Jackman being #4 does shock me, but in a good way - he's usually been given grief for never "living up to being a 1st round pick," but I'd like to know what people expect from a 1st round d-man.

That, and I love anyone who gives the "Pffft, *dumbass*" look like this:

You can almost *feel* the hatred of stupid people, can't you?


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