Tuesday, February 16, 2010

David Backes and Erik Johnson are just getting warmed up.

Erik Johnson all USA defensemen in icetime today during the 3-1 defeat of Switzerland, and David Backes scored his first Olympic goal.

Waiting for NBC to get some sort of highlights up - I'd scour YouTube for the clip, but I'm sure that NBC's sued the pants off of any poor schmuck who was stupid enough to even consider putting it up there. I'd at least put up some stats, but NBC doesn't have an idea as to how to properly create a box score or game summary. Speaking of NBC, what in the holy hell was going on with them showing curling over showing the first period of the Canada/Norway game? Glad to see that the online feed picked up the CTV broadcast, but if you were watching it on TV, you were treated to it being shown on MSNBC with no announcement, and then quickly tossed over to CNBC again once the curling was done. I know life often imitates the Simpsons, but come on.

NBC at least has the brains to have the game highlights up, so here - but I can't embed it, because that would make sense. And if you want to see a replay of it because it happened so fast, you have to make your own, because adding the replay of the goal to the highlight clips, again, would have made too much sense.


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