Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kozlov healthy scratch for the fifth game in a row.

The buffet's not that good, Slava.

Not sure why, but our assistant cap'n is lounging in the press box again.  If this is Waddell's way of trying to get him waive his NTC, it's fairly shitty, frankly.  Waddell gave him the clause to begin with, and it's within Kozlov's rights to refuse a trade.  He's done that before, and frankly Kovalchuk staying or going would be the only factor in him doing it again, at least until this was pulled.

White still hasn't been a powerhouse out there.  He hasn't been a power-shed.  He's like a power car-port.  Kozlov has that A on his chest, he's a vet, and he's a prime contender for being the first Thrasher who is actually worth retiring his number.  Lots of players have been treated substantially worse at the end of their tenure in the NHL, and younger players have been subtly shown the door (or, as we called it in college, blackballed).  I know that Koz isn't on form this year at all. But there is this sentimental bit in me that wants him to bow out gracefully.

BTW, Nitty's startin'.  Woooooo.  This one's in the bag.


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