Sunday, February 07, 2010

You can't trade the mayor!

Atlanta? They don't even know what the Bermuda Cup is there! Pffft, please.

As reports come dribbling their way out from the Kovalchuk Kerfluffle, it's become clear that the Blues (!) were the mystery team left at the very end. What could they have given up? In my little blurb for Crash the Crease, I looked at the scenario that D-Wad wanted (top 6 forward, top 4 D-man, pick, and prospect), and assumed that it'd be Perron going to the Thrashers as that forward. Well, I was off. Apparently Waddell wanted TJ Oshie.

Color me surprised by that. I would assume that Perron and his mad stickhandling skills would have fit more with Waddell's and Anderson's offense first system. Oshie, though, would be what the Thrashers need. If they're planning on dealing Armstrong (and they probably are - rumors are coming out about a trade to the Flyers), Oshie'd be the perfect replacement. He's a li'l sparkplug and plays like a pinball. He's faster than Army, has a better scoring touch, doesn't make borderline dirty hits (I am ignoring that slewfoot from earlier this season that he may or may not have done), and is absolutely a fan favorite.

I'm not a drooling schoolgirl, but I love Oshie - for what he brings to the ice and to the team. I'd love to see a player just like him on the Thrashers… just *not* him. You can't trade the Mayor of St. Louis. That's just a no go. Stuff like this makes it hard to be a fan of both teams. Would I like to see Kovalchuk wearing the Note instead of the Devil? HELL yes. Would I want to see him wear it as a rental? Absolutely not, not at the cost of Oshie.

Speaking of the Thrashers, congrats to the guys on the 4-2 win over the Panthers tonight! They got into a fender bender on the way back - it took them until about 5 to get to Atlanta from the snowstorm in DC. Apparently that didn't phase them, because this was an outstanding game. And, to welcome Oduya and Bergfors, we had a massive crowd in attendance - over 16,000 announced. Bergfors with the game winner, Hainsey and Bogosian with some throw-downs, and Moooooose with lucky win #13! Excellent way to go into the Olympic break at home. Very decisive, and proves what a lot of Thrashers fans have been saying all along - we're a team now, not back-up singers.

You know what? The Supremes had a #1 hit after Diana Ross left, so there. Marinade on that.

And, well, enjoy this:


mapleleafsforever said...

Dominic Moore is NOT a fighter.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Oh, absolutely not - I think Bogo kind of proved that. BTW, congrats on Giggy! Seems like that's working pretty darn good.

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