Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blues can win when it counts.

Who's the team not on a five game losing streak at the worst time of the year? Aww, yeah. The Blues. There are days that I'm glad that my loyalties are split (unevenly, of course) between two teams. Today is one of those. The Blues completely manhandled the Columbus Blue Jackets for two points where it really counted, winning in Columbus tonight 5-1.

Be aggressive? B-e aggressive? Yes, yes we can be. Davis Payne told us to go out there after a first period where no one scored, and play rougher around the edges. Pick it up. I am fairly sure that three second period goals is not what he expected. And exactly what he wanted. McDonald, Backes, Perron, Steen (goal number NINETEEN), and Crombeen lit the lamp, and McDonald added a couple assists to make sure things were working out our way. Honestly, yes, Detroit won tonight to stick in our craw and maintain 8th place.

But we're winning when we need to, and we don't have be constantly reminded our playoff spot isn't a gimmie. The Blues realize this. We're not stupid. Which puts StL at an advantage. There's not this absurd pressure. Yes, we were expected to make the post-season. Everyone predicted it, myself included - on venues with more visibility than my invisible website. We stumbled out of the gate and maintained that stumbling until Murray was relieved of his duties and Davis Payne, a friend of Dan Bylsma and a dead ringer for him, was plunked down in place. Now, since the expectation of playoffs has been lifted, we seem more determined than ever to make that cut, and we stand a very good chance of doing so. Calgary and Detroit won't be easy to leapfrog, but they have to play up to their expectations. They have that pressure hanging over them. St. Louis? Not at all. We can continue to quietly go about our business, winning games, and not have a soul notice. At least until it's too late.


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