Sunday, March 07, 2010

Couple of things I forgot from last night's Thrashers game...

... you know, the one I prefer not to think about (the other game last night's been blocked from my memory already). Evander Kane blocked a shot off of his right foot and didn't return, won't play today, and will be evaluated by training staff and doctors. No clue if he'll play Friday.

Niclas Bergfors (happy birthday, Bergie, BTW) has scored 6 goals since the trade. That other guy has scored three. I think we should all chip in and send Lou a thank you fruit basket, don't you?

Finally, Steve Downie wound up with a 10 minute game misconduct along with 4 minutes of penalties for this absurdly horrible hit on Marty Reasoner. Left his feet before impact, led with the elbow, went for the head... this isn't Downie's first foray into being an asshat - Blackhawks fans know that. If the league doesn't look at this, I'll be very displeased.

One other thing - Chris Thorburn fought Big Country and survived. He earns my respect.


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