Sunday, March 14, 2010

Over at the Thrashers game...

Fraser's in, so there's strike one against us. Schneider's playing for PHX, so there's strike two thanks to karma, and LaBarbera's in goal for the 'Yotes, so there's strike three - we make backups look like Patrick Roy.

Scratches are Bogosian (hand), Arty, and Slava - still thinking that White has blackmail material on John Anderson. And I am not sure who Boulton's going to throw down with. So, yes, let's scratch someone with good mobility and some sort of size. Please.

On the Blues side of thing, it's an early start (6 Eastern), but Janssen's off suspension, and Big Wallet is back. Absolutely have to take advantage of the idle Calgary and Detroit today. Big question is, can we do it? The stars are aligned (and, as of this typing, losing to Colorado) for a push. Hopefully St. Louis can manage it again.


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