Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thrashers 6, Isles 1, Refs 2.

I hope the refs are proud of their phantom calls on Armstrong for charging and Schubert for holding. Really. Because I know they tried their hardest to get the Isles back into this, but the Islanders just refused to cooperate.

I'm sorry, but Bergfors is possibly one of the best pick-ups by Waddell ever. One goal (initially 2, but it was changed to Antro) and two assists for the evening - and 2nd in rookie scoring league-wide. He's outscored Kovalchuk since the trade. Actually, the Thrashers have a better record since the trade. Interesting.

Once the highlights get posted from the game, Art's goal is going right here. Absolutely fantastic. Apparently people score when they're being utilized properly. Weird. MacArthur on Max's line seems to work - the MAP line (yes, that's horrible, I know) was outstanding. Actually, all four lines were solid. Half of our goals were scored by guys who have been with us for less than a month.

The Thrashers are pressuring more, both on the power play and at even strength. We're faster, and we're more aggressive, because we're not constantly trying to mould the play around one individual. Bergfors was doing an outstanding job backchecking tonight. He was just as much a presence in the Thrashers' zone as he was in the Isles'. If this keeps up (we're currently in 8th, depending on a Habs' loss), I have to say that Waddell did more with a few little trades and some prospects than some of the teams trying to make a big splash did.

As promised, Art's goal - the MSG guys are rightfully damn impressed. And, to boot, there are people in the stands. Take that, media only publishing photos of guys during the 3 stars announcement!


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