Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Trade-a-palooza '10.

Wow, yeah, busy stuff for the Thrashers and the Blues. Let's see... um... Toivonen and Richmond to Chicago for goaltender Joe Fallon. I just knew that there was a reason Ears made a return to the Rivermen. I have seen Fallon play a few times here in Gwinnett last season, and he looked pretty good - although trying to judge the caliber of a ECHL goalie is a bit rough.

How much is that Slava in the window...

As far as the Thrashers go, Vivlamore had a good chat with Waddell regarding trades and moves and whatnot - the only definite is that Waddell is looking to find Kozlov a new home.

My trade analysis for the Thrash should be up over on Cycle Like the Sedins shortly; for the Blues, please to be seeing my look at the deadline on Crash the Crease.

EDIT: First Thrashers trade: We get Geno Artyukhin from the Ducks for Oystrick and a conditional pick in 2011. See ya, Oystie. I liked that kid. Artukhin was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Ducks before preseason this year for Drew Miller and a 2010 3rd round pick. Solid third or fourth liner who can score occasionally and who, when tempted, can rack up the PIMs. He's also massive, so if this is someone who can replace Koz when Kane moves up a line (and yes, I know that would require Artyukhin to switch wings), this is for sure the size up front DW was saying we needed. He's a UFA, so I am assuming the conditional pick is dependent on if he re-signs or not.

Anything else you need to know about him? Blueland Blog, of course.

EDIT 3/3: Don't look for Army to be traded, necessarily, but don't look for him to get re-signed, either.

Also, the Blues pull off a big minor league trade by sending Aaron Palushaj to Montreal for Matt D'Agstoni. A struggling 2nd rounder for a successful (read: cracked the league this year) 6th rounder from a few years earlier. Andy Strickland has some good analysis of the situation over at

Hainsey was pulled off the ice during practice today - doesn't mean he's being traded, so calm down. Absolutely everything that was said today during the CBC's broadcast was incorrect save for Kozzie wanting out, which has been news since God was a boy. If Kevin Allen hasn't said anything, it's not happening, and he hasn't said anything. We do have some inquiries on Kozlov, though, so there's that. Kevin Allen has stressed that the Thrashers are NOT letting Kubina or Max go - they want to work on an extension & need them for the playoff push.

Custance is reporting that ATL's willing to shop their #1 pick from the Devils. Also, Walt hasn't been asked to waive his NTC. I think that he deserves the right to retire a Blue. That, and he's hurt. But mostly the former.

Strickland is reporting Yan Stastny to Vancouver. Maybe now they'll back off of Backes. Edit: TSN & CBC confirm - the return is Cedric Labrie.

Thrashers pick up Clarke MacArthur from Buffalo for a 3rd and 4th round pick. Wondering if Waddell isn't getting together a package for someone - who, I don't know.

JP Rutherford of the News-Democrat just tweeted that the Blues are done. Kariya, Boyes, and Walt are staying put. No surprise there. Carlo and Steen are also staying put, which I am very happy with. I suppose no one wanted to pick up Kariya's ginormous contract. Why, I wonder?

And that seems to be all it for the Blues and Thrashers. I'll have analysis up at Hendrick's Hockey, The Hockey Writers, and Crash the Crease as soon as I can figure out what exactly to write about. Wow.


MissBlondie13 said...

Poor Kozy - I hate to see him go, but I know that feeling. "I'm as good, if not better than someone else they're playing, yet here I sit. WTF?"

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