Friday, June 27, 2008

Blues development camp is over...

... Thrashers camp has yet to begin.

Of course, I will be going to the Thrashers Camp. I will just have to read the website for the Blues Camp. The guys at the Blues camp seem very enthusiastic. I don't think that Perron has to prove himself too hard, and McRae... wow... how glad am I for him? You dad gets to play for the Blues... you played for the Junior Blues, and here you are. I have a lot of hope for him, if not just because he's home grown.

BTW, how is lower bowl $28 a game? I'm getting nosebleed behind the goal Sunday at the Pick-a-Seat, and that's $22. And the Blues STH perks are better... Come on, Thrashers. We get a discount card for the shop and a STH entrance. And the other perks are...?

BTW, do NOT miss the Q&A for Alex Pietrangelo. Where's the Q&A for Bogy? I have scads of questions for him.


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