Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zhitty Zhitty Bye Bye.

We finally decided to place Alexei Zhitnik on waivers. He spent the last month or so of last season watching from the owner's box because of his awful under-production all year. After being an integral part of the Thrashers' playoff push in 2007, making the trade of Coburn to Philly look like a good thing, he showed up horribly out of shape to camp this year and made no viable attempts (except for one OT game winning goal) to really do much of anything besides glide around and contribute to our horrible defense.

With Zhitty gone, we'll have room for Ilya Nikulin coming in from Russia. For those of you who are wondering who he is, he was our 2nd round pick from the 2000 draft. He was D on this years' championship team and has played with Kovy before. Here are his stats:

Also happening in the SE, Tampa has acquired the exclusive signing rights to Gary Roberts and Ryan Malone from Pittsburgh. Malone isn't going to the CBJ after all, so one of my two favorite teams doesn't have to deal with him. I guess it's odd for TB to do this 2 days beforethe FA period begins, but hey, if they sign it's worth the 4th round pick they gave.

I guess we all know the answer to the immortal question of What Would Gary Roberts Do?

Go to the beach.


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