Thursday, June 26, 2008

In their natural environment...

... Russian TV awards shows! It's Ovy, Kovy, and Alexei Morozov presenting an achievement award to Robin Gibb. I love how Ovechkin takes the chance to show off his new clothing line and various bling while Kovy and Morozov are dressed in suits.

A translation from the WaPo comments section reads thusly:

[Ovechkin is joined by Ilya Kovalchuk of the Thrashers and Alexei Morozov, formerly a Penguin, now playing in Russia]

Ovechkin: Hi! Thanks to my fan group. I don't know what to say, actually, but I liked Zhanna's haircut. Thanks!

[Kovalchuk makes people shout "We're the champions"]

Kovalchuk: I wanna say a couple of words, you know, May turned out to be great for Russia. Russia is a great country, in which we, the sportsmen, come from schools. I wanna congratulate Dima Bilan, the hockey team and everybody else who has won so far.

Ovechkin: Look! There's Vladislav Alexandrovich (Tretyak).

Kovalchuk: Vladislav Alexandrovich, we love you. It's great when to FHR the right man came. We feel the big hope.

Ovechkin: Big thanks.

Kovalchuk: When people believe in us, we want to play for those who believe in us. So, Russia -- HUGE THANKS!

Morozov: Hello to all, we won't take your time any more. We made you wait for 15 years for our victories. Thanks for your love!


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