Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blues News

The RFAs for the St. Louis Blues are David Backes, Chris Beckford-Tseu, Francois-Pierre Guenette, Martin Kariya, Jay McClement, Hannu Toivonen, and Jeff Woywitka. When I hear who has been given QOs, I'll let you know. I am fairly sure that Ears won't be on that list.

Also, we've announced the preseason schedule... of course, there's the traditional pre-season matchup with the Thrashers, which is usually the only time of the year I can see my original Boys in Blue take on my second favorite team. Let's see if I get booed for wearing opposing team gear this year... good times. Home games are in bold.

Preseason Schedule:

Monday Sept. 22 Los Angeles (Kansas City) 7:05 PM

Tuesday Sept. 23 Dallas 7:30 PM

Friday Sept. 26 Atlanta 7:30 PM

Saturday Sept. 27 at Dallas 7:00 PM

Monday Sept. 29 at Toronto TBA

Wednesday Oct. 1 Toronto 7:30 PM

Saturday Oct. 4 at Atlanta 6:00 PM


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