Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Comparing Numbers Three and Four

My top two teams picked back to back in this year's draft. Here's what and the numbers say about Bogosian and Pietrangelo. Actual analysis by me (because you are really REALLY waiting for it!) will be forthcoming.

On Bogy:

With 11 goals and 61 points, Bogosian was the only OHL defenseman to lead his team in scoring. Yet, the player takes pains to stress his defensive ability.

Bogosian hails from a Massena, N.Y., family that has produced notable athletes. He's been given incredible opportunities and has taken advantage of them.

He's big, tough, talented and skilled. Bogosian believes his family's background in athletics has given him a head start on rivals. His father, Ike, was co-captain of the 1981 Syracuse University football team along with former New York Giants running back Joe Morris, and his uncle was an All-American football captain at West Point.

The Thrashers won the Southeast Division two years ago but slumped last season and missed the postseason. Bogosian said he hopes he can play an important role in Atlanta's march back to
the top of the division.

"Obviously, Atlanta didn't have the season they wanted last year," Bogosian said. "Hopefully, we can get better. We'll be making strides under the new coach. Hopefully, I can just go down there and do my thing and help the team."

Stats (from Hockey's Future):

2006-07 Peterborough Petes (OHL) 67 7 26 33 63
2007-08 Peterborough Petes (OHL) 60 11 50 61 72
2008 Peterborough Petes (OHL) 5 0 3 3 8

On Petro:

With the fourth pick, the St. Louis Blues selected Pietrangelo and he seemed very happy with his new address.

"I'm getting to be part of a great organization," he said. "This is kind of where I wanted to go. The Blues have a lot of young guys who are making an impact in the NHL, guys like Brad Boyes and Erik Johnson."

Pietrangelo noted that the Blues traded Thursday to acquire goalie Chris Mason from the Nashville Predators. Mason will likely split duties with Manny Legace.

"They want to start at the back end with a goalie and a defenseman and move forward. They wanted a defenseman and they picked me," Pietrangelo said. "They have some good defensemen already. We have some work to do. I think I can make an impact as soon as possible."

Pietrangelo is renowned for his on-ice vision, passing skills and ability to control the pace of games. He had 53 points in 60 games this past season, placing him seventh among Ontario Hockey League defensemen. Plus, his junior coach says the bigger the game, the bigger he plays.

Pietrangelo led Niagara into the OHL playoffs this season, where they defeated Mississauga
. He wasn't feeling well, but played two more games against the Oshawa Generals before learning that he had mononucleosis, which enlarged his spleen and caused internal bleeding.

He said he will be fully healed and well conditioned by the time training camp starts in September.

Stats (From Hockey's Future):

2006-07 Mississauga IceDogs (OHL) 5 7 45 52 45
2007 Mississauga IceDogs (OHL) 4 0 0 0 8
2007-08 Niagara IceDogs (OHL) 60 14 40 53 94
2007-08 Eastern Conference All Stars 1 0 0 0 0
2008 Niagara IceDogs (OHL) 6 5 4 9 4

I think that the 45 assists and 52 points in 5 GP is a typo. Or, well, St. Louis drafted Superman if he were a totally selfless playmaker.


Anonymous said...

Niagara played Mississauga in the first round of the OHL playoffs this past season, not Ottawa. The 67's were swept, though. Oshawa did the deed.

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