Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kari nuts can breathe easy...

... the Thrashers have made an offer to our starting goaltender, per Blueland Blog. No news yet on the terms or if he has signed yet, but at least we know the intentions of the management here. Honestly, losing Kari would negate the depth that we've built at goal with Moose and Pavs. Pavs isn't ready for prime time quite yet. Goal is our only constant position as of right now, and this is one more thing to make us breathe easier.

The Thrashers had five players who entered the week as restricted free agents. Four of the five were given QO's. The other will become unrestricted, although that doesn't mean the Thrashers have no interest in him staying in the system.

Qualifying offers went to Kari Lehtonen, Brett Sterling, Nathan Oystrick and Joey Crabb. Guillaume Desbiens is the odd man out.


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