Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New movements in RFA signings...

... make some teams drop out of the Campbell race. BC has expressed interest in staying in San Jose, but the Sharks resigned Joe Pavelski and Jeremy Roenick and backup goaltender Brian Boucher before the beginning of the season of "I just want to test the waters." I'm not sure how much of a salary cap hit the Sharks are taking, but it will probably take them out of the running for BC, since teams will probably offer him between $7-8 million to sign.

That takes the Bruins out of the running as well - they don't have the cap space to sign both Campbell and Hossa (who it is rumored that they are looking at), and they might not even have enough to sign Hossa.

It could very well come down between the Thrashers and the Rangers. We might very well have an advantage here, seeing as we will probably have more money to work with, and the quiet desperation of a no-trade clause to snooker him in.

There are so many people on waivers out there that it's getting distracting. Do we really want someone that another team set on waivers when we could focus on getting solid players? Why not fill our holes before laying on the putty.


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