Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No no no, I like Brendan Ryan!

Sez TLR. I love the way that the Post Dispatch is trying to psych everyone into believing that our resident Crochity Old Fart (not to be confused with Bobby Cox, because LaRussa can win baseball games and isn't older than the dirt at Fenway Park) really DOES like our new young players! And he'll play them!

Apparently he'll play them when the old ones are on the 15 day DL. Really, a majority of our team is under the age of 30. We're young, rebuilding, and very successful. Let's see what Ryan does at SS. I think he's a serviceable replacement for Izturis, and considering he's only on a 1 year contract we need some depth in that position.

He's not the next Ozzie or Eckstein, but if he's good enough to be the next Izturis, well... that's good enough for me.


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