Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Moose Love.

Gah, buddy is 35 with 3 kids. But check out this pic (more to be found here - he was the Hump Day Hottie over at Ladies...)

I love the story that goes with...

Hedberg Continues To Net Fans December 11, 2007

By Craig Custance
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA, Ga. - She was just hoping for a picture. Buford resident Holly Basteyns asked Thrashers goalie Johan Hedberg, who began his professional career in the ECHL, if he had a moment to take a photo with her daughter, Mackenna, at a Thrashers practice.

Mackenna could recite the entire Thrashers roster by name and number, and Hedberg was her favorite. And really, what 3-year-old wouldn't be attracted to a player nicknamed Moose?

Basteyns got more than a picture.

"He picked her up and talked to her and snuggled her," said Basteyns, sporting a No. 1 Hedberg Thrashers jersey before a recent Thrashers home game. "That's a big deal for a mom."

That picture now has a permanent home on Basteyns purse and Hedberg cemented another lifelong supporter in a fan club that grows with each person he meets.

And it's not just season-ticket holders, it's current and former teammates, coaches, equipment managers — everyone.


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