Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to Atlanta, Mr. Anderson.

The Thrashers hired a head coach! One freaking DAY before the draft... and it was who we pretty much expected: John Anderson, head coach of our AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves. The Wolves just won the AHL championship Calder Cup, are talented, and happen to house our best prospects like Little, Valibik, Pavlec, Sterling, and a bunch of others. Also, he's developed some of our current players, so his style shouldn't be new to them.

It might be new to us, because maybe... just maaaaaaaaaabye, it'll involve winning. No more dump and chase... actual offense and puck poessession... if we can just snag a D man or 2 tomorrow we might be tolerably ok next year.

Heck, maybe even Zhitty'll turn it around.


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