Sunday, June 22, 2008

One win away...

... from revenge for the 2004 World Series.

Ok, no, not really, because sweeping an interleague play series isn't the same as winning the World Series... but if we win tonight we sweep the Red Sox. Yesterday afternoon's televised (!) smashing of the Sox (9-3) was enjoyable to watch, especially the first 2 innings. About the only thing we were missing was a Prince Albert homer. We'll be missing those until after the ASG, I think. Hopefully we're on our way to fixing the 5-6 record we have without him... that sweep by the Royals was not pleasant.

But Glaus' grand slam was pretty sweet:

And Izzy not blowing a save was nice, too. I suppose that TLR figured it was safe, considering how we had a 6 run lead when he came in. Of course, Izzy is the reason we're not in 1st place of the WORLD with a 54-22 record, but maybe I'm placing unfair blame on him. Or something.

In other news, Izturis is joining Pujols and Yadi on the DL, but the Todd That I Like (Wellemeyer, not White... different sports, same first name - I know) might be back up Thursday.


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