Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Thrashers are Prepared to Offer $7 Million...

... for Brian Campbell? Really? Seriously?

And he would come here?

While I am going to reserve optimism here, because we're the Thrashers and intelligent trades and deals are not DW's M.O.... this would probably turn the entire team around from a defensive standpoint.


There - let that marinade. Downside is, we can only have 6 d-men and a back-up. We can probably try REALLY hard to waive Zhit (or pawn him off) and make X the scratch until he starts getting in position and stops making random and inappropriate hits on people.

And he could make a difference in the Atlanta area - like Jimmy Slater and his recycling PSAs before every game, Soupy has his own pet causes:

And, as an added perk, he's a ginger that dares venture outdoors.


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