Monday, June 23, 2008

Tampa Bay is going to be a pain.

Our saving grace next year is going to be that we only have to play TB and Washington 7 times instead of 8. Last year was the Caps' year to rebuild and come out like hell on wheels, and I respect them for it - they're a great team, and Boudreau deserved the Coach of the Year award more than anyone else. Backstrom and Ovie are amazing. I love going to watch them play the Thrash just so I can see the two of them... it makes the times we lose to them palatable, if just barely.

But Tampa? They disintergrated after winning the Cup. Total implosion - their ownership lost interest, the team lost the ability to stomach Torts' constant yelling and cussing, and this past year was just futility in motion. The Bolts served the sole purpose to make Thrashers' fans feel better about our team.

What do they do this year? Get Vinnie Prospal back from Philly since he was just biding time up there until Torts left, and then sign Barry Melrose to a coaching job. And, oh yeah, get owners who are enthuastic about their product and snag some Stamkos guy.

Melrose will be one of two things: mildly successful or a total bomb. He hasn't coached in over a decade, and a lot of new rules, love them or hate them, have gone into effect. I realize he's covered hoceky on ESPN forever, but talking about the new regs and coaching a team through them are two different things.

I do hope that they get some top quality mullet wigs for opening night.


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