Monday, June 23, 2008

ANOTHER World Series rematch?

Considering that we took 2 of 3 from the Red Sox... and darn near swept them, I think we should be good to go tomorrow night against the Tigers. We're 44-33 (one of the best records in baseball... if it weren't for the Cubs at 48-28 we'd be in first... why won't they just LOSE?), and the Tigers are 36-39. The Tigers have really recovered from their horrible start and are only 5 games back from the White Sox. Honestly, though, I hate making assumptions about how we'll do after the horrible series against the Royals last week. THAT was embarassing.

And I wandered across this nice article earlier today about TLR and how he felt after the loss yesterday. Says LaRussa:

"All of us that complement this team -- the trainers, equipment guys, the coaches, myself, traveling secretary -- we tipped our caps and clapped for these guys," La Russa said. "You can't watch that kind of effort for three days and have that kind of game at the end without giving them some kind of special recognition.

"We made a point to say what a privilege it was to be in the same uniform and watch that competition, and we gave them a round of applause and tipped our caps. That was really a great effort."

We are very lucky to have a manager and a team that is as pure class as this. No one expected us to get very far out of the basement this year, and honestly if we keep going like this we'll be in the playoffs yet again. We've only missed them what, twice this decade? I am very proud of the Redbirds regardless of how they do, but this makes me extremely happy. We might be the best fans in baseball, but that's just because we have the best team.

Oh, and here: go and bask in the glory of 2006. This is the best article I've read about the win, and it was written by someone from the Washington Post.


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