Monday, June 23, 2008

Time to go shopping...

From Do the Thrashers Have Large Talons... a breakdown of cap space.


What really shocks me is that the Blues rank at #6. All that money going out... when are the playoff ticket sales going to start coming in?

Who do the Thrashers go after? The UFA that we know isn't coming back and doesn't care that he isn't is Holik, Mr. Personality. Recchi is a possibility (though his agent is implying he wants to test the waters... honestly, we're the reason he's still playing - he'll be back). Brian Campbell is being shopped to us, Boston, NYR, Montreal, and Ottawa. After July 1st he'll be free to talk to anyone he wants to, and Chicago might be interested. We have the money to throw at him, but so does Boston... and he can play with Savard and Chara. Here, well, he'd be the other big star and not get lost in the shuffle. But being the other big name in Atlanta means 10 people a year might figure out who you are at the local Publix.

In hopes of continuing our reputation as Pittsburgh South (but without the success), Gary Roberts, Brooks Oprik, Pascal Dupuis, and Marian Hossa are being tossed around for consideration. I can see Dupuis coming home... he lives here, his buddy Perrin's been bending his ear...

The others? We're overstocked at RW if we re-sign Recchi, and I think we're full at defense too if we nail Campbell.

About the only position that needs filling is LW. That leaves Dupuis and Roberts. I choose Dupuis.


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