Saturday, July 05, 2008

Blues News.

No, we didn't sign anyone new, but we snagged Yan Stastny for 2 more years (yay) and Matt Walker signed with the Blackhawks (ew). Yes, that gives a chance for one of our new boys to move up to D, and yes he only scored one goal last year, but Sean Gallagher at St. Louis Game Time said it very well:

As a fan, we don’t select our favorite players, they either grab our attention Brett Hull style or slowly grow on us. Walker is one of those grow-slowly guys for me and my hockey-loving son. And while his signing with Chicago isn’t exactly “Jim Edmonds went to the Cubs” in this town, in the Gallagher household it was even more unsettling.

As the son of GT said when I told him that our guy Walker has gone to Chicago, “Why them? Why couldn’t it be anywhere else?”


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