Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shit on a Stick.

Awww, apparently Dan Boyle didn't want to come play for the Thrashers. Dan, you were placed on waivers. Beggars can't be choosers.

Wow... another class act from Tampa Bay. Really - do you think we'd even WANT him? We're pretty much set and aren't in dumpster diving mode this off-season, apparently. Go hop your tacky self to the curb.

Tampa hasn't made it past the first round of the playoffs since they won the Cup... or haven't made it there at all. That giant sucking sound in the east last season wasn't all us, thank you very much. We can at least usually assemble a winning record... last season was the first time in quite a while where we haven't, and I think that problem's been fixed fairly decently. He obviously has no clue what's going on, and... well... you were placed on waivers for a reason. You have no right to complain, because you have just been told by your team that you're not part of the direction they want to take.

Really, yes, we do have a bad rep after one bad year that is probably partially warranted. But at least we realize that and have made some strides to fix it.

Have fun out west, Dan. Don't get a sunburn, and watch out getting the crap kicked out of you by Dallas and the Wings when they come out there. I hope Sean Avery takes his butt out. And gets a 20 game suspension doing it. There - 2 problems solved.


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