Friday, July 04, 2008

Welcome back, Jimmy Baseball.

God, it's weird to see him in a Cubs uniform. Not so weird to see him strike out at his first AB. I loved the standing ovation everyone gave him at Busch... we respect our former Cards and appreciate what they brought to the franchise, even if they are wearing Cubbie Blue. I'm glad that he's turned his season around, because it got off to a horrible start. I'm sure that if we would have had the room we would have loved to have gotten him back.

Apparently there's a bit of a tift between Jim and TLR... I think LaRussa misunderstood a bit what Edmonds was saying, but he also is very dedicated to the Cards and any insult to the team's an insult to him.

I just love Pujols... he nailed his 300th homer tonight (our only run... now we're 3 and a half back), and he had this to say about Edmonds:

Former teammate Albert Pujols said he had not thought about the situation.

“Whatever he had to say, it doesn’t matter to me,” Pujols said. “He was a great teammate and he’s an even greater person.”

On a side note, I'm watching the game on WGN right now and the fireworks are going off from the riverfront - you can see it from the stadium, and the Arch is in the background... I hope all those Cards fans there realize how lucky they are right now to be part of the best baseball tradition in America, and the classiest tradition in sports.


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