Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Uniform Gossip

Ok, yeah, it's from, but Howard Berger has a summary up of the new 3rd jerseys. Maybe. Kinda.

For Atlanta:

ATLANTA: The club will introduce a dark red jersey with the word “THRASHERS” on the front, just above the player’s uniform number, which will appear on both sides of the design. A broad white stripe will adorn each arm of the jersey with a dark red number in the stripe. A broad white-and-dark blue stripe will run down the sides of the jersey.

Oh, good - carbon copies of Dallas. And what's up with the numbers? So we don't get players confused? "Is that Kovy or Larsen? Oh, God, I DON'T KNOW."

And for the Blues:

ST. LOUIS: Another significant change. The Blues will introduce a dark-blue alternate jersey with a white stripe trimmed in black on the sleeves and uniform base. The club’s traditional “blue-note” logo appears within a circle on the front of the jersey, with the city’s famous Gateway Arch in the background. It will also have the lace-up feature.

I like the lace up feature. I like the coloring. I shall wait and see on the logo... I like the fact that they're working in the Arch, but... I'll just wait.


Jake said...

I am a bit scared about how the new Blues uni will look. The logo seems like it shouldn't be messed with too much. I hope it turns out better than it sounds.

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