Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thrashers Sign Jason Williams to a One Year Deal

To help with Chicago's cap overage, we've signed forward Jason Williams to a one year-$2.2 million contract. The hesitance to sign a longer one probably stems from the fact that he missed 35 games with a hernia last season.

He can play both center and winger; DW probably signed him as a winger. Our situation at C (Little, EC, White, Perrin) is fairly solid, but we needed a right wing. Word is that Ottawa was very interested in him as well, but the Thrashers outbid them for him.

2005-2006 was his last full, injury free season, but look at the numbers for it. If he can reach that level again, it looks solid for him.

Welcome to Blueland, Jason!


Chad(aka JB) said...

Good signing by la Thrash; should be a good scoring RW for Kovy.

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