Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blues 9, Thrashers 4

Yeeeeah... not a good night for Moose. At all. 9 Goals on 37 shots? Shades of last year's Buffalo game. Sterling scored twice for the Thrashers, and Boults and The Todd each scored one as well.

Perron had a hat trick, and MacDonald had 5 (!) assists on the night. The Post-Dispatch has a good breakdown of the lines going into last night.

Tonight's Blues game is live from the Dallas and can be "watched" (or whatever) on the Blues website. The Thrashers are not televised or on the radio in either market, sooo... Yeah. Looks like we're still going to have to wait until Wednesday to catch the action. God... preseason starts. I can't wait to use my first season ticket.

In other Blues News: they're allowing people to set their ticket prices through October 5th. Interesting.

And... Puck Daddy has a good team in review up for the Bluenotes.


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