Sunday, September 28, 2008

Send downs and Red Wings

Blues fell last night 4-3 to the Stars. Today the Thrashers try not to do the same to the Detroit Red Wings. They sent down quite a few players to the Wolves (and Espo to Juniors), which allows some of our big boys to come up and start playing preseason games. Kovy makes his first start tonight. Bogosian is also making his preseason debut, and he'll be competing against Kulda for what is basically the last defense spot. The d-parings are Kudla/Havelid, Bogosian/Enstrom, and Valibik/Ostryck. Kari apparently is starting with Pavs to back him up.

The Blueland Blog will be live blogging the game as usual, since it won't be televised or apparently on the radio.

Hossa, Datsyuk, and Lindstrom are all out for whatever reasons. Hopefully we'll get a chance to welcome Hossa back to Blueland on Wednesday night. I am seriously looking forward to that game.


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