Saturday, September 06, 2008

Slow off-season...

Lots of work at, well... work... haven't been able to really update the site like I'd like to.

But there is pleasant news on the horizon that's better than those "team in review" postings that are starting to pop up... we signed Bogosian! Really all that's been released is that it's a multi-year entry level contract. He has 10 games to try out with us at the beginning of the year before we figure out if we want his services. DW has said that there is a strong chance that Bogy makes the opening night roster. I'm not a betting woman, but... well... I'd continue that trend because I wouldn't bet against him making the team.

Hope abounds for the Blues, too. They've signed Alex Pietrangelo!

Same basic contract as Bogy, same basic expectations. The youth movement for the Blues and for the Thrash is alive and well... give us a couple of years and those two teams are going to be forces to reckon with. Have patience, Young Skywalker. I mean, heck, according to, the Bluenotes have the best youth movement in hockey.


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