Sunday, September 14, 2008

Traverse City Prospect Tourney

Keep your eyes peeled... the tournament is being shown (albiet on about a day's delay) on NHL Network. Atlanta won their first game 1-0 (Bogo=solid) and St. Louis is up 2-0 with about 5 left in the first as I watch. Yes, I know... the game's already over, but I want to find this out on my own. I am so far more impressed with the hustle and competitiveness of the Blues' prospects than the Thrashers'. The Baby Birds did well and played hard, but these new Blues, well... give us a couple of years and we are going to be a major contender in the West. Heck... depending on which of these kids we call up, we're going to be stronger this year than we could have ever been last year.

Keep an eye on the NHL Network's TV listings for the tournament... 8:00 ET is the next Blues game against the Wild. 10:00 ET Wednesday is the next Thrash game against the Wings.


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