Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blues Stuff...

Some important questions for the Blues this year from the Post-Dispatch, and some leaking of the details of the 3rd jersey. Sounds sharp!

Also, the Baby Blues, while impressive at the tourney this past week, did not do as well as expected. The Baby Thrashers, on the other hand, came in 2nd, losing only to Dallas in the final game.

I am really feeling positive about this year, especially with Anderson in charge. From the AJC:

"I don’t give a damn what everybody says, because for me, I didn’t come here to freaking lose,” he said. “They hired me to help this team win. I don’t want to lose. Losing stinks. I’ve been on teams like that. I don’t want that here. I don’t want that creeping in. I want the fear of losing.”

That's what we heard at the Town Hall meeting basically, and that's exactly what we need.


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