Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Palin Puck Dropping

This time she'll be dropping the puck before Friday's Kings/Blues game at Scottrade Center. I'm fairly sure that her welcome will be warmer than the welcome at Philly, because, well... Philly booed Santa. They booed the Easter Bunny. Fans from that city'd boo Jesus because they think that they have to, so... I expect more from the St. Louis fans, especially since the suburbs skew red, while the city skews blue (ha ha).

Tonight's game against Detroit'd be more fun... but she's at a rally in Springfield Friday, so when in Rome. Huh... you know, if Georgia were a swing state, I bet she'd come to a Thrashers game. Since we're predictably red, though, well... I guess we're out of luck.

Hopefully any protest will be passive and not be obnoxious... I'm getting so sick of people being hateful towards candidates in both parties this election - disagree with their policies, but respect them as people, k? Then again... maybe we can get another classic like this:


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