Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Sarah Palin Curse Strikes Again

Anyone else find it odd that Philly won tonight while we got stomped? Anyone?

The 'Cuda Curse strikes again... she needs to drop the puck at a Wings game, stat.

Seriously, though, I DO know who to point the heavy finger of blame at... the dipshit who laid the carpet down in front of where the players come onto the ice. Is Manny supposed to have night vision? What the HELL? He stepped RIGHT on it and twisted his knee... both of his goals looked soft because he was scared to move too much lest he blow it out again.

Now we have no starter, no back up, 2 kids, and my fantasy team is screwed. Thanks, Sarah. Hey, though, at least we were polite (and let me say how nice of Walt to shake everyone's hand). I didn't hear nearly as many boos as I did at the Philly drop, so good for her.

At least we don't have Toivonen.

On the bright side, now Palin has a Blues jersey so she can burn this rag:

I love her for this... almost worth forgiving the carpet. Almost.

Just minutes into the game, Blues enforcer Cam Janssen and Kings tough guy Sean O'Donnell dropped the gloves and began to fight near center ice. By then, Palin was in a luxury box with Blues principal owner Dave Checketts.

Palin watched the fight intently, clapping as the fight got more intense. By the time referees separated the combatants, Palin was waving an oversized foam Blues finger.

And if you didn't see the fight, it was hilarious. Janssen had a hold of O'Donnell and shook him like a rag doll until his helmet fell off. He then proceeded to beat the snot out of him. Awesomeness.


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