Sunday, October 26, 2008

So much for the Sarah Palin curse.

Yeah, Manny hurt himself and we lost 4-0 to the Kings. But the game after we took advantage of the Panthers' rough travel schedule to defeat them 4-0. Quick curse, huh?

Well, maybe not... Ben Bishop might have recorded his first NHL shutout, but he also recorded his first NHL lower body injury, leaving the game with 15:27 left to play. Boyes had 2, Kariya had one, and Walt had one again, making Tkachuk tied for the league lead with 8, and Boyes tied for 2nd place with 7.

The Thrash lost 5-4 in a hard fought game in Boston. It would have been more effective if Toby wouldn't've sat on Moose's stick so he couldn't move to block the GWG.

Kozzy, Kovy, Williams(!), and Schnider were our goal scorers. I'm not disappointed with the loss, or really any of the losses so far this year. Yeah, they're losses, but we're playing like a team this year - we don't give up and quit halfway through anymore. Once we learn the system, we'll be solid. Most teams didn't have this much turnover in the off season.


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