Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm not even to recap last night.

I'm embarrassed. 7-0? But hey - I met some cool Flyers fans (!) who provided awesome in-game commentary with their Thrash fan friends, and who gave me a beer. Thanks, guys!

Over at FanHouse, they post the perfunctory doom and gloom article, but with a different take.

But as bad as things are on the surface, we're beginning to get indications that the situation is worse behind the scenes. Here's Jim Kelley from Sportsnet:
It's a similar situation in Atlanta where, partly because of poor attendance and partly because of a fractured ownership, there are a steady stream of rumours that the franchise may be in danger of not making payroll down the road. Payroll issues are not uncommon for the U.S.-based teams at certain points of the season (football has an impact in terms of gate attendance early in the season and money is often tight late in the year), but it's doubly difficult to arrange for letters of credit during a banking crisis and it's especially difficult in Atlanta where lenders are concerned as to who is responsible (read liable) for paying back any loans that might be granted. There is fractured infighting in the ownership group there and the banks and others have taken note.

That's a question I haven't seen raised yet - what if we can't pay the guys? But... since when is getting along a qualification for a loan? I guess in troubled economic times, anything is.

At least the last paragraph's kinda sorta praise-ish.

It's not like there's not a lot of talent in Atlanta. Ilya Kovalchuk, Kari Lehtonen, Tobias Enstrom and Zach Bogosian -- who was injured on his first shift last night and had to leave the game -- form a solid core to build on. Angelo Esposito -- one of the major pieces in the Hossa trade -- may or may not prove to be a franchise player. And despite their record, there are more than a few indications that the team has improved some over last season. They just need time. But in a league that relies so heavily on the gate, their time -- and credit -- might just be running out.


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