Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guess who?

Guess who faced 47 shots last night?  Guess who stopped 43?  Guess who didn't get named a star of the game?

Guess who, counting the blocked shots and the ones that missed the net or hit the post, had to contend with around 87 shots?

Guess who wound up with the OTL?

Yep.  Our 35 year old goaltender, Johan Hedberg.  Our BACKUP.  Why the backup?  Because our starter's about as sturdy as DiPietro in a walker and can't start 3 consecutive games.  Manny had a bitch of a concussion - he started 2 back to back against top teams in the league.  Kari can't do this the Leafs game on the 22nd, the Isles game on the 23rd (Hedberg) the Canes game on the 26th (oh - wait - Hedberg started that one, too), the Toronto game last night (Whoops - Hedberg again!) and the Canes game tonight (Kari).  What the HELL?  Do we even have a top goaltender?  Kari has amazing abilities - he can steal a game.  He just has the body of a 75 year old woman, the concentration of a kid with ADD, and the soft, fragile ego of Stuart Smalley.  He needs to shape up or else he's going to wind up being a permanent backup somewhere.

Upshot is, Moose got some serious love from the Leafs and the Toronto media.  And, well, Anderson.  "He made some saves out his rear end, pretty much."

He's going to have some serious problems sitting on the bench tonight.


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