Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blues Win! Kovy Scores! Bogosian Sent to Wolves! Perrin a Healthy Scratch.

Yep. Still in last place, but Manny pulled a win out against the red-hot Mason and the CBJs. Mason allowed more than 4 goals for the first time all year. It was nice to watch a Blues game where they a) won and b) actually looked good. Granted, yes, 4 of the 5 goals came on the power play, which kinda shows that we have issues when the other team is full strength. But it's a win, and I'll deal with it.

Thrashers defenseman Zach Bogosian has been sent to the Chicago Wolves for conditioning - he scored a PP goal and had 2 assists with a -2 rating last night in their late loss. I bet he'll be up with the Thrash in a couple of weeks. That begs the question - yes, X is still out, but we have 2 D men from the Wolves. Who sits? Oyster sat last time, and I expect him to sit again. When X comes back, though, can we really lose Valabik?

How about we dump the $5 million or so we're paying Schneider and package him with some 3rd liners for some sort of decent, um, center? That sound ok?

This afternoon the Thrashers look to take poessession of 12th in the East by a point with a win over the Bolts. Perrin's looking to be the scratch against his old team tonight. Joey Crabb (!) has been playing better than Perrin has anyway - witness his goal against the Canucks. Speaking of goals, Kovy has scored 2 in 2 games... let's make that three, buddy? Eh?

Finally, in "WTF?" news... this is the hot list of goalies today on Yahoo Fantasy:

I guess they're taking Hedberg's performance against Toronto into consideration. You know, when they loaded up the tommy gun with pucks and just fired at him. Poor man.


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