Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I know this is late...

My wi-fi's been a bear recently, so I missed out on posting my POV on the most hilarious prostate exam evah. Everyone else and their mother's chimed in on it.

You have to enjoy Sidney Crosby feeling up Boris like he did (Boris apparently didn't even feel it - so much for Crosby's future in porn). I respect the kid's ability as a hockey player, but it's moves like this that make it very difficult to really respect him as a player in general. Yes, I would die if he were on the Thrashers, but only because that would be a sign of the End of Days and I probably pretty much would be slated for death anyway.

Honestly, though... people have been saying how that if this were a "lesser player" that the league would have been all over it like white on rice. I really can't think of another player who would DO that. I didn't think that Crosby'd even do that. Come on... close your eyes... picture Malkin pulling that. Or Ovy. Or Iginla. No. Not going to happen. Also not going to happen - any sort of retribution for it. We'll be too busy flailing around the ice losing to do anything back, and I'd really rather not see the hilarity of Slater v. Crosby.


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