Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks, Coach.

I don't have much positive to whine about here recently. Thankfully, neither game, Blues or Thrashers, is on tonight - which means that they'll both win.

Anyway, ran across this brilliant retelling of Andy Murray's rage at the team after the loss against Boston the other night.

Considering that we fought back as hard as we did, it was a tough loss to take, but at least the Blues put up an effort. I wasn't there to see it first hand, and I didn't see it on TV, so I don't know how true Murray's words are. I'm sure he's getting frustrated. Everyone is. I don't think that calling out individual players is the way to go, because it just builds resentment which leads to them not wanting to play. They're like kids... you don't call out a student in front of the whole class - it always makes the situation worse.

I had an issue with him calling out Manny. Yes, his play has been in the toilet recently for whatever reason. He now should have no reason at all for worrying about his starting position, considering that Mason's been awful the past few starts.

Keep in mind, though, that he's been out for a while with a concussion, and as a welcome back Murray decided to start him in back to back games, the second of which was against one of the best teams in hockey. Why Mason couldn't've started against the Wild and Legace against the Bruins is beyond me. That's not exactly the situation where you start someone who has been hurt twice in a row.

Frankly, the fact that we've been "rebuilding" since the lock out annoys me. Aside from the injuries, we shouldn't be in the basement. Perhaps some of the coaching staff need to look in the mirror... not Murray specifically, but something needs to be done.


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