Sunday, December 07, 2008

Jeezy Creezy. Blues and Thrash win.

The Blues managed to squeak out a 4-3 win over the 'Yotes tonight, when they honored Walt for the Goal that No One Saw. My net connection was being fargy, but from what I understand via my ESPN text-messages, it was a good game... especially for my fantasy teams.

The Thrashers apparently took Anderson seriously when he threatened personnel changes by the game on Wednesday if production didn't happen and didn't happen NOW. So it did. A 5-1 stomping of the flailing Islanders was a good wake-up for us and a show what we can do when we freaking TRY. We only had 17 official shots, but we managed to win. Goals by Little (11), Kovy (9), Boults (2), Perrin (2), and Thorburn (3) certainly helped. Good production from everyone... X got an assist and looked sharp tonight, Valabik made Jon Sim shit himself, and Joey Crabb got the crap kicked out of him, but still did pretty well. It's looking like he's making the best of his time up here, and frankly he deserves it more than Christensen does. EC sat again tonight, and he deserves to sit again on Wednesday, too. Moose had a fine showing, allowing 1 goal within the first minute and then shutting them out the rest of the time only allowing 1 goal on 29 shots. I wish his stats reflected more how well he plays and less of how poorly the team does. But hey... he's 5-4-1! We have a goalie OVER .500!! Don't hold your breath for that lasting... but I gotta say that the Moose was the goalie who managed to make it last the longest last year. Heh.


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