Saturday, December 06, 2008

Newsflash: The Thrashers have trouble finishing.

No, really? The issue that we had almost all season is keeping us from some extra points this year? We can't finish a game with some effort? We forget to apply some sort of oomph and we lose? I enjoy Knobler's examples from just this season:

• On Nov. 30, St. Louis’ Brad Boyes breaks a 2-2 tie with 8:15 left by scoring in the closing seconds of a penalty against Nathan Oystrick. The Thrashers’ penalty kill unit ranks worst in the NHL.

• On Nov. 20, Pittsburgh’s Petr Sykora knocks in a power play goal to break a 2-2 tie with 2:40 left, after Chris Thorburn’s interference penalty.

• On Nov. 16, Philadelphia’s Joffrey Lupul skates to a sudden stop on his rush to the net. Niclas Havelid, who had been backpedaling ahead of him, falls to the ice and out of the play, and Lupul skates into the slot with plenty of time and space to notch the goal that breaks a 3-3 tie with 6:17 left.

• On Oct. 30, the Thrashers chase in a disorganized fashion around their defensive zone. The Rangers’ Dan Girardi breaks a 2-2 tie with a shot from the boards with 6:27 left.

• On Oct. 25, Boston’s Milan Lucic completes his hat trick with 1:41 left in a game that had been 4-4.

Nice. Just... nice. If this BS doesn't change, our very not happy Coach Anderson, who is not used to losing at all, has some words to say to the team. Like "Say hi to Barack to me, because you're going to Chicago."

"I don’t want us to be an easy team to play. If we’re going to be the doormat, be an ugly doormat. Make sure there’s some dirt on that doormat. I don’t want to see us just get walked all over every night. That’s not going to happen. We’re going to change it if we have to. We’re going to change personnel, whatever. But we’re not going to be an easy mark anymore.”

Better yet... how about we just NOT BE A DOORMAT. Dump EC. Find a face off guy (Yanic Perrault's available... really. Seriously... former league leader in FO wins. Get him for Kovy's line. Please). Find players who WANT to be here. Find more like Hainsey, who knows he has something to add and who knows that he will have a chance to shine here.


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