Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bring on Nitty...

Jimmy didn't make the trip with the Thrashers today, so look for Crabb to be back in.

We've got some oomph going on... a 3 game winning streak. And then there was Philly. Nitty's beaten us 11 straight times and we haven't beaten this team since 2005. Can tonight be the night?

And should I be a smartass and fight traffic for a cheesesteak? Naaaahhh... I'll just make a buffalo burger and have just the one beer that I have. But I am all kinds of ready for the game. Come on guys!

Oh, and if the Blues win tonight and if the Kings, Stars, and Jackets lose? 9 points out of a playoff spot. If you don't believe that the West is a hard conference, well... check it out yourself.


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