Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Say Bonjour to an W, guys.

We defeated the Habs 4-2! We have continued a 3 game winning streak by beating a legit club. Cake = baked. Tomorrow will be the icing on it if we can take out the Flyers for the first time in 5 years. Christensen, Thorburn, Pevs (!), and Bogosian all netted goals on the evening, which brings our three game total to FIFTEEN. What are these men having for breakfast?

Downside to this is that Slater hurt his shoulder being slammed into the boards on a boarding call that the refs missed, so we might see Crabb back in tomorrow. Perrin and EC are showing great chemistry together and I'm glad that Christensen's broken that slump he was in. Army was nailing people left and right, and I think that Boris is the only player I have ever seen just skate up to someone and push them down, and not get a penalty. He's amazing.

Cripes, right now, the whole team is... offense, defense (well, the SA total could drop a little), Kari - keep it clicking. I'm almost regretting the All-Star break now. I don't want our momentum to get broken up.

The downside is that the Sens wound up winning, which means we didn't jump into 13th place. Blarg.

TSN has a rather nice write-up on Peverley
. It's good to see him succeed like he is. He was the cog that was missing from our whole shebang. We're like a different team with him here and Williams gone, and it's a thing to behold.

Also, the recap is up over at the Thrashers' web-site. Great analysis as usual!


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