Friday, January 16, 2009

Goalie Switcher-oo

After his last stellar 47 shot 43 save performance (47 shots not counting blocked ones or ones that weren't considered a shot - 87 if you count those) against the Leafs, Hedberg has gotten the go ahead in goal tonight as of right now.

After his 4-0 shut out of the Devils, Kari's allowed 10 goals in 2 games (7 to FL, 3 to the Sens), in games with reasonable shot counts. If he is still having to "earn" his starts, he's not doing the best job of it. I wish that whatever is going on with him would be fixed - if he'd stop being so shaky, there are about 4 of his 12 losses we could have back, which would be enough to put us 11th in the East.


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