Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glad I stayed up late tonight.

Just watched one of the best performances of Legace all year... 5-2 Blues win over the Avs. Cam Janssen got his first goal as a Blue... the rest of the scoring can be found on my Twitter feed over to the right (if you care).

They're 2 games over .500 at Scottrade, and have a BIG game Saturday night against the Blackhawks. Great - now I get to have ADD and watch 2 games at once, since the Thrashers are playing the Preds. A win for the Thrashers'd be helpful in a couple of ways (not that it matters much to them, since Tampa is winning now all of a sudden), and a win over the Blackhawks is always a nice weekend treat. It's a sellout game already... hmm... wait... last place teams can still sell out? What's this you say about an exciting product, young kids, and awesome marketing? Do, tell me more!



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