Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good times...

Remember this?

Yeeeah, it's on the MLB Network right now. Game 5's next. I am SO recording it and keeping it for posterity (hell, it's saved on my iPod for God's sake). Here's to the Cards being in that same position this season.

If any of you haven't gotten a chance, please look into contributing to the Pujols Family Foundation. Some of my tax refund that I'm finally getting (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, home repairs!) will be going to Prince Albert's charity. He does a ton of work with special needs kids around the St. Louis metro area, and also helps get kids in the Dominican Republic dental care and eye care. He's the best in the game (and in the National League yet again, or so the MVP award says), and he's probably one of the most genuine players out there in his love of his faith and family.

BTW, just saw on the ticker that Jim Edmonds is unsigned. Dare we bring back #15? He does have that nice restaurant... he *did* play well on the Cubs... and he *is* always hurt.


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